SonLife Community Church


Getting to Know Pastor Chris:

Who Is Chris Martin?

A sin sick individual that needs Jesus every day.

Use 3 words to describe yourself:

  • Caffeinated

  • Outgoing

  • Friendly

Tell us about your family

My wife Milena and I will have been married 12 years this May. We have four
children, Karina (20), Julie (19), Maiya (10), and Ryan (8). We are a normal family
with daily struggles who lean on each other, Christ & the church.

Why SonLife?

In a world that's chaotic, busy & somewhat unsocial, we at SonLife focus on the
old Cheers song…"where everybody knows your name and we're always glad
you came". We want to be actively involved in each other's lives.

Why Ministry?

I believe each of us are created with talents, gifts and abilities. God called me to
use those to invest in the lives of people. When I was working with youth, I told
them, did I hear the audible voice of God? No. But I tried other jobs/fields and
nothing made me as happy as service the church and loving people. With my
ministry, my heart's desire is to empower people in their relationship with God
so much that they surpass me in my knowledge.